Virtual Computing for Educators

By now you’ve probably heard of the “Cloud”. You also probably know that the cloud is more than just a place where data rides on fluffy bits in the proverbial sky we call the Internet. But can you have your own cloud? And how can teachers use their own cloud to help them in their […]

Let’s Rethink Antivirus

I don’t run anti-virus software, of any kind, and I haven’t for years. While yes I switched to Mac, contrary to the popular myth, that platform isn’t immune to viruses. So why would I be so gullible as to not run anti-virus software where the chance of getting infected by something lurks even in banner […]

An Educator’s Guide to Web Media

HTML5, MPEG4, WEBM; it’s an alphabet soup of initialisms. As an educator there is a need to put compelling media in front of your kids; but how do you make heads or tales of all these media formats? How can you easily create your own media? And where can you find media that can be […]

Adaptive Learning Products Abound

This past Tuesday Virtual Strategy Magazine writes about a new Adaptive Learning product released from McGraw Hill. In this latest round of products, McGraw Hill effectively reaches the K-20 market with their technology reach. “McGraw-Hill Education’s adaptive solutions break down the cognitive processes behind learning with precision and granularity” writes the author, which is really […]